our sourdough

Award-winning sourdough

Bean & Grain sourdough is handmade with single origin flour using traditional techniques. At the 2016 Royal Canberra Show we won first prize in the 680g sourdough category.

Our single origin flour is made from Lancer Wheat, sourced from Doolin Agriculture in North Star, NSW. Our supplier follows regenerative agriculture practices and holistic farming techniques. This results in healthy, nutrient rich soil, and helps to produce the best crops possible.

The unique minerals and nutrients in the soil creates wheat with individual characteristics, which carries through to our artisan breads.

We’re proud of the direct connection we have with our supplier. We reckon the single origin flour we use, combined with our team of traditionally-trained bakers, helps Bean & Grain make some of the best sourdough around.

All of our breads are shaped by hand. So don’t worry if some loaves or buns are a slightly different size, it’s a sign they have been handcrafted with care.